The city is a place where men should be able to live in dignity and security and harmony where the great achievements of modern civilization and the ageless pleasures afforded by natural beauty should be available to all.
– Robert F. Kennedy, 1966

There continue to be new housing programs created to address the most current identified economic issue within the housing area.  The newest Florida programs are addressing the growing lack of housing for the community’s workforce, (i.e., police, teachers, nurses, emergency response).  In Virginia, the focus is on finding ways to finance mixed use development to address more urban settings.  Local governments are streamlining regulations and states are looking to create housing trust funds.

In Florida in 2007, the Community Workforce Housing Initiative Program was created.  It was only funded for one year.  This was Florida’s first attempt in combining resources of the private sector, public sector (schools and local governments) to address housing focused n the 80% to 140% of median income works and recognition of the economic impact of the lack of workforce housing.

Over the past few years (2011-2014) Florida Housing Finance Corporation has been providing resources for disabled, veterans, group homes, and extremely low income families.  These underserved populations require the most creative financial structuring efforts.

All of the programs available have a common theme; bridge the gap between available conventional financial products and ability to serves these specialized groups.  These programs are constantly changing due to unstable nature of fund availability.

Community Concepts recognizes housing as a “holistic” issue and believes that it is the major infrastructure for community stability and viability.  States nationwide are struggling with this issue and looking at all housing and land use policies to rethink “tried and true” methods of development.

Community Concepts is available to work with local governments, local housing authorities and state governments to bring new ideas and solutions to these discussions.