presentationThe Community Concepts Group, Inc. has extensive experience in the evaluation of corporate and state systems, providing opportunities for streamlining and creating more effective and accountable procedures to accomplish an  organization’s goals. The result of these efforts saves significant dollars through consolidation and reduction of staff and waste.

This may be an effort to redirect an organization’s efforts, or be an evaluation of a compliance monitoring procedures and system to ensure meeting federal and state requirements agreed to within program guidelines and land use restriction agreements, as imposed by HUD, Housing Tax Credit program or other regulatory entities.

Is your organization working at maximum capacity?  Does your team lack capacity to achieve organizational goals?  Are your monitoring systems integrated?  Do you have systems of record that provide the information you need to make critical , long term decisions?  Are you identifying problems before the oversight or regulatory entities?  Do you have institutional knowledge that provides you the skills to ensure success? 

The Community Concepts Group, Inc. will review your in-house systems and provide recommendations to keep organizations on the right path.

Members of the Community Concepts Group have extensive experience in organizational structure, compliance with required programmatic requirements, and evaluation of effectiveness of the structure.