Housing is not a “sticks and bricks” issue –
it is a community issue.  Housing is the relationship between homes and neighborhoods and the well-being of people and their communities.

Frequently, the lack of decent, affordable housing for Americans makes the news.  Although there has been a decline in the provision of affordable and workforce housing, the real news is that it is affecting more than one segment of society.  The need for affordable housing is crossing all economic boundaries. More importantly, communities and businesses are realizing the economic impact when housing is not available.

Congress has tried to resolve these problems through deep-subsidy programs that create large and unwieldy “projects” to warehouse the poor.   These programs have not created the best social conditions within communities, nor have they provided a way out for those with few economic resources.

Although there is much attention being focused on community revitalization and housing, the best results will come when housing is available that provides both social and economic benefit to the community and the individuals being served.

Community Concepts serves governments by helping them develop programs that serve their citizens in the most humane, economically feasible, and cost effective manner.  To have a successful housing development, Community Concepts believes in the holistic approach – view housing as a product, an environment and a service for people.  From an economic perspective – housing equals jobs. 

In 1992, a bond Buyer headline read “Texas Housing Director will do "whatever it takes” when referring to Susan Leigh and the work to be accomplished at the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.  This is an apt description of the effort Community Concepts puts forth to provide solutions to housing problems.