teacherOur expertise in complex financing, structuring of transactions, community development, program development and implementation, and hands on development experience, helps us to develop education and training programs for a variety of clients.  These include board training for state and local housing finance agencies; training staff at the local governmental level on current housing programs; and training members of associations on how to utilize available programs.

Community Concepts not only assists in identifying obstacles to achieving the client’s goals, but also helps in the development or redesign and implementation of current programs and policies by providing innovative solutions.

  Education Opportunities

Some of the Education and Training Courses offered are listed.  Community Concepts can design training and workshops that are very specific to the client’s needs.

Affordable Housing 101 – Back to the Basics

Understanding the affordable housing market doesn’t have to sound like Greek.  This course will bring stakeholders up-to-date on current programs available to offset costs for both multi-family and single family developments.  After attending this workshop, stakeholders will be able to utilize time saving techniques to quickly access whether programs are the right investment.

Multi-family Rental Housing Financing Opportunities

This workshop is for the experienced multi-family builder looking for new financing programs targeting affordable and work force housing.  Federal, State, and local programs will be explored allowing stakeholders to quickly access which programs will work for potential projects.

Regulatory Reform - Grass Roots Empowerment

What is regulatory reform, and why is it important to understand the issues?  This workshop will explore the Florida comprehensive plan as the sole tool for reforming local ordinances and state requirements.  If your stakeholders are building in Florida, knowledge of the rules and regulations will give businesses an edge to facilitate growth in a much regulated environment.  Get ahead of inclusionary zoning, impact fees, and other regulatory issues that add to costs by knowing the issues and working with local governments effectively.  More importantly, when stakeholders become involved in the process, they have an opportunity to shape the rules.

Effective Partnerships

Some stakeholders understand the housing needs of their community and have the desire to work hard to make sure that those housing needs are met.  However, these stakeholders may not have the experience required by the funding provider to go it alone.  In this case, a development partnership will be necessary.  This course will focus on how to form an effective and successful partnership.  The stakeholder will be presented with the tools necessary to evaluate potential development partners, to understand what is required of each partner, to ensure a division of the work that  will build on the experience needed to eventually develop alone, to negotiate a fair fee and to not let your mission be lost.

Housing as your Mission

If you are a Faith-based organization or community group and part of your mission is to help residents of your community turn there lives around and provide hope where it has been missing, then you should consider expanding your mission to include Housing.   This course will present the tools necessary for you to compete with other developers on equal footing for public dollars.  You will get a general understanding of the funding sources available for various types of housing, how to fit housing into your overall vision for the people you serve, how to position your organization to be eligible for funding.

Managing the Relationship with Community Development Groups

Governmental  Entities are sometimes overwhelmed with the requests for the limited housing funds it oversees from numerous funding sources that are to be distributed to local Community Development Groups (CDG).   These request may come from  CHDOs, CDC’s, Housing Authorities, Habitat for Humanity, and other qualified not for profits.  This course is targeted to governmental entities that desire to set up a fair and equitable system.  The course will focus on how to evaluate the capacity of the CDG, how to get the CDG to implement projects that helps you accomplish your housing goals, and  how to develop a ranking and funding process that is fair to all CDGs.